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How To Write A Novel Readers Love - The Publishing

Dear Author,

You have done a fantastic job of getting your story edited!  You now have a polished final draft of your edited manuscript. And you’re just itching to publish it.

But how do you publish your novel for print and for e-book format? Have you thought about whether or not you want your novel published in both media?

There are countless articles on how to format and publish your book. You can even find articles on how to design a book cover. If you're considering doing these things on your own, it might be a good idea to count the cost before you start.

Here are some things to think about: 

- How much time do you have to learn what you don’t know about cover design, or formatting? 

- Are you sure you can format your manuscript correctly if you’ve never done it before? 

- Will your finished book display correctly on an iPad, or an Amazon Kindle, or an Android tablet? 

- Will your book cover look professional?

How will you know?

I couldn't answer these questions for myself with the degree of confidence I needed. I personally wasn't willing to take the risk of producing a low quality product because I didn’t already have much expertise in formatting, publishing or graphic design.

I'm a storyteller. I write stories. That’s what I am expert at. I didn’t want to my novel to appear amateurish because of cheesy cover design or incorrect formatting.

For me, the best thing to do was seek out a professional to format my manuscript, design my cover and publish my novel. I ended up hiring a whole team of them. The team I chose to work with was… 

I introduced The Killion Group to you in my last letter about the novel editing process. The professionals of this great company did such a phenomenal job of editing my manuscript, I selected this company to design my book cover, format and publish my novel. And they didn’t disappoint.

Take a look at either the print or e-book version of my young adult novel, From Bad Girl To Worse and see their world-class work for yourself. Not to brag or anything, but my novel looks like it came out a top publishing house. I was blown away by the amazing work of The Killion Group.

To produce the best quality novel possible, you need to seriously consider using professionals to do the things you might not have expertise in, such as editing, formatting, publishing and cover design. If you can do all of these things with perfection, then go for it. But if you are even a little bit unsure, enlist the help of professionals.

My experience with editing, formatting and publishing has only been with The Killion Group, so I can’t speak to the quality of other online publishing companies.  You might want to shop around and see what your options are. Make sure you get pricing for all the services you wish to take advantage of. That way, you can truly count the cost of publishing your novel.

Don’t sacrifice quality in the name of low cost, but get the best deal you can for the highest quality product.

The only other piece of publishing advice I can offer you is in regards to making your novel available in print format. Don't focus only on publishing an e-book. You can make your novel available in print through CreateSpace. CreateSpace is a print-on-demand company that can distribute your print edition novel through Amazon and Barnes and Noble Online.

If you use CreateSpace to publish print copies of your novel, you'll need to have your manuscript formatted for print. This is a critical area where you should consult a professional to format your manuscript for print media.

The nice things about using CreateSpace are:

1. They only print books as readers purchase them. You don’t have to keep track of any inventory.

2. You get a free ISBN number for your print novel.

What is an ISBN number?

An ISBN number is a unique identification number for your book. It's required if you want to sell print copies of your book, or have it listed in your local library. Booksellers, librarians and readers can look up your book using either the title, or its unique ISBN number. 

An ISBN number can cost you several hundred dollars if you obtain one on your own through Bowker. But as long as you distribute your print novel through CreateSpace, they will provide a free ISBN number when your submitted manuscript is approved for printing.

If this is your first novel, you might be surprised at how many readers may want the print edition of your story instead of the e-book edition. This phenomenon took me by surprise. It was a good thing I decided early on to make my novel available in both e-book and print format. In fact, I have sold more copies of the print edition of From Bad Girl To Worse than the e-book edition.

What’s more, some of my local fans wanted me to sign their copies of the book. I happily obliged them of course. Just think of how great it'll feel to sign your novel for an admiring fan. You'll want to make your novel available in print too.

As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. That being said, this is my last letter to you about writing a novel that readers will love. I wish you the greatest success on all of your writing endeavors.

You can do this. You will write a novel readers love. Just remember me when you become a famous bestselling author.


L. R. Farren
Author of From Bad Girl To Worse 
P. S. – Whenever you doubt whether or not you did the right thing by writing and publishing your novel, recite the point of your story several times. Meditate on your point. Believe in it. Don’t ever doubt yourself. You definitely did the right thing. 

I should know. Writing and publishing a novel was one of the greatest things I'd ever done in my life. I can go to my grave knowing that I accomplished something I'd wanted to do for a long time. I can't put a price tag on that. 

When you see your novel listed on Amazon, you will say the same thing. 

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