Thursday, July 5, 2018

A Moment Of Encouragement For Writers

"I can't think of an opening sentence that grabs the reader."

"I have no captivating finale."

"My story drags and sags in the middle."

"My ideas are horrible."

"I'm not cut out to be a writer."

"Whatever made me think I could write anything anyone would enjoy?"

You're a writer. You've probably heard one or all of these statements at least once in your career. They echo in your head like bat wings scratching the walls of your skull. You're haunted by that critical inner voice saying you stink as a writer. It taunts you with jeers like: 

"You'll never make it in this business." 

"Why don't you just quit before you make a complete fool of yourself?"

"You're a fraud. And a hack."

Don't pay heed to any of those negative thoughts. Banish them from your mind. Don't listen to that inner voice. Tell it to shut up. Now.

You are a writer. You're creative, talented and skilled. You can do this. 

You have great ideas and greater vision. You can see your captivating story playing out in your head, as if it were a major motion picture. Your characters are living, breathing people with unique desires and fears. They're literally walking down the street. Even your setting tells the epic tale you want to share with the world.

You've crafted something magnificent--you've crafted a story. That makes you a storyteller. What does that mean?

You are one of the most powerful people in the world!

You have the incredible power to persuade people to adopt new ideas, or look at things in a whole new way. How? By changing how people think. You have the power to actually rewire someone's brain. Contemporary neuroscience proves this phenomenon.

With the power you possess as a storyteller, you can change the world. 

Knowing this wonderful fact ought to make you climb to the highest rooftop you can get to, and scream to the top of your lungs, "I am a storyteller. I am the most powerful person in the universe."

You are so brave. Who else would even attempt the seemingly insurmountable task of crafting a novel? Who else would take such a bold step?

Writing a book is one of the hardest things anyone could ever do. Yet, you're doing it. Keep writing. Finish strong.

You are a storyteller. You are awesome. You will succeed.

From one writer to another, I believe in you. I know you can do this. You can write a story that changes people, and changes the world. And you will.

Don't you dare give up! Claim the prize you're striving day and night to win. Be the greatest storyteller you can be. 

Success is yours,

L. R. Farren
Author of From Bad Girl To Worse 
and The Dangerous Way Home

P. S. - When you give someone a story, you're not just entertaining her. You're giving that person the necessary equipment she needs for her very survival--useful information that will help her make it through the night. How's that for the best job you've ever had?

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